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Sitting, caressed by the breeze – soft as silk against my skin – carrying the fragrance of beauty. Warmed by the gentle touch of golden sunlight. Grass dancing with joy from
the wind’s touch. Leaves fluttering with delight and singing their song: the song of thousands of leaves dancing on their trees, abandoned to the touch of the wind. Golden sunlight bathes emerald grass and filters through the dancing leaves. It awakens a glow of green within each one as if they are alive things, glowing bright, dancing free, singing their wordless song. For me?

My head is thrown back and I want to join in, to open my soul and drink in this magic, deep. I’m… a fairy again, wild and free! I can dance on the wind and glow as I spin. I can join in the song and the dance of this LIFE. I’m part of it but it has been missing the ME in it, the essence I bring. We all have a part. It’s not full without each. I ache to bring everyone into the song, to see each one’s dance, to hear each part. To glory and joy and throb with delight to drink in the beauty of each lovely one.

Pausing, drinking deep of the glory – the beauty and love – I know… It’s Him. This is His caress. His warmth. His light and love and it is poured out all over me. My heart nearly stops, crushed from within with the bursting weight of joy! My song is His. It’s part of Him. He is hid inside me and He wants to dance my song with me. Shiver of ecstasy – wondering – awed…. So this is YOU: my Lover, my God.